Mixcloud Launches Livestreaming Feature for DJs, Artists, and Audio Creators

During a unique time where DJs are connecting with fans online rather than in-person, Mixcloud has announced a game-changing new way for DJs to livestream. Mixcloud LIVE acts as the first music-focused solution that allows DJs, artists, and audio creators to livestream without the concern of copyright issues. Plus, the platform provides users with potential

Technics Debuts 55th Anniversary SL-1210GAE Limited Edition Turntable

Technics, creator of respected turntables and longtime go-to choices of DJs all over the world, have announced the 55th Anniversary Limited Edition SL-1210GAE. This direct drive turntable is modeled after the celebrated Grand Class SL-1200G hi-fi turntable and features a sleek all-black design. Using many hand-made processes to ensure the highest quality possible, the SL-1210GAE

Is This Virus-Shielding Suit the Future of Nightclub and Festival Wear?

Could this be the future of nightclub and festival wear? The latest innovation circulating the internet is a virus-shielding personal protective equipment (PPE) suit that could allow people to socialize without distancing. Dubbed the Micrashell, it has been designed with live events and the entertainment industries in mind, making it ideal for settings like nightclubs,