Technics Debuts 55th Anniversary SL-1210GAE Limited Edition Turntable

Technics, creator of respected turntables and longtime go-to choices of DJs all over the world, have announced the 55th Anniversary Limited Edition SL-1210GAE. This direct drive turntable is modeled after the celebrated Grand Class SL-1200G hi-fi turntable and features a sleek all-black design.

Using many hand-made processes to ensure the highest quality possible, the SL-1210GAE brings the ultimate in luxury to a turntable. The top panel of each unit features a special badge inscribed with a unique serial number to signify that it is a 55th anniversary model. Only 1,000 of these turntables will be available this June for a price tag of around $5,000.

Features of the SL-1210GAE include:

10-mm-thick aluminum top panel with anodized black brushed hairline finish
Operation buttons and tonearm also have a high quality black finish for a uniform, premium appearance
Specially developed zinc insulator features αGEL™, a soft gel-like material with excellent shock absorbing properties
Strobe light ON-OFF switch
Coreless direct-drive motor
High-precision motor control technology
Three-layered turntable platter
High-level balance adjustment
High-sensitivity tonearm
High quality terminals
Four-layered cabinet construction
To read more about the SL-1210GAE, visit the Technics website.


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