DJ Tech Tools’ Dan White explores how DJ’ can take advantage of MacBook Pro’s new TouchBar, which was revealed on October 27. In addition to breaking down the TouchBar possibilities, White runs through the rest of the new MacBook Pro, reviewing what features will and won’t be included and how it will impact DJs.

Apple always make a big deal of their new product announcements – and this morning’s new Macbook Pro lineup is no exception. The big news was that Apple has removed the function keys from the laptop and instead replaced it with a secondary multi-touch screen called TouchBar. Could DJs and producers find a good use for this TouchBar? Keep reading.

Algoriddim’s DJ Pro Already Is Using TouchBar
The final app demo that used the TouchBar technology was an app that we’re very familiar with: DJ Pro. Karim Morsy demonstrated how they’ve integrated the new Retina touchscreen into their app. Two parts of the demo particularly stood out – first, triggering samples with the TouchBar:


The question here becomes one of latency – is playing samples via the TouchBar really enjoyable? Is it better than using the keyboard directly below it?

SOURCE: http://edm.com/articles/2016/11/6/dj-tech-tools-on-touchbar

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